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Magic (Stone) Water

In a world full of greed, there are only so many people who are truthfully trying to cure those in need.  Dr. Byun’s goal is to use magic water to help people in need. Not for commercial purposes or any sort of fame, Dr. Byun solely has a genuine love for the world and a passion to fix the contamination we have today.

Magic water can be used to to improve your health in many different ways.  Drinking magic water has been proven to help in cases as simple as jet lag to issues as complicated and serious as cancer.  Topically, it cures skin conditions from acne to eczema and medical schools use magic water rather than formaldehyde in order to reduce contamination.  Korean bath houses use magic water in their spa systems because mold cannot grow with magic water and it eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.  In addition, due to the amount of pesticides used these days, soaking fruits and vegetables in magic water for five to ten minutes eliminates pesticides from the skin of the fruit.  In the future, magic water stones can be used in swimming pools which will eradicate the need for chlorine. Dr. Byun also hopes that the stones can be used in exhaust pipes in all moving vehicles to reduce and hopefully annihilate carbon monoxide pollution around the world.

Magic water is an excellent way to begin the process of healing throughout the world, and will hopefully be praised in the future by alternative medicine.  Magic water can help so many people in so many ways, and it all began with Dr. Byun’s vision to truly change the world in a positive way.