Life Water

My Experience

In May 2009, I went to Cologne, Germany to visit my cousins. One of them, a medical doctor, Dr. Cheon Mok Ja, combines her medical practice with Korean hand acupuncture. She is well known in the Bad Munstereifel area and sees patients from Luxembourg and other parts of Germany.
When I visited her office, I met a neurologist, Dr. Park Kyu Hyun, from Pusan National University in Korea. He had just come to Graz, Austria where he presented a lecture on Korean Hand Acupuncture. Dr. Park gave me a set of round ceramic stones (“Magic Stones”) to try out for drinking water (you need to soak the stones in tap water).
I came home and went back to my work as usual. At that time, my husband had been diagnosed with a thyroid nodule. The doctor told him that he would like to treat him with medication first, without any operation.
At my work, one of my customers recommended that I should try Kangen water for drinking which is good for health. We were using bottle waters for drinking and did not pay any attention to the importance of drinking water. I did not think about using Magic stones for drinking water since I was skeptical.
In September 2009, we became concerned about my husband’s thyroid problem, so I decided to install the Kangen water system in our house. One week prior to installing the Kangen water system, I got an email from Dr. Park in Pusan that he would like to visit us with Dr. Byun Sang Yool who is the inventor of Magic Stones.
Dr. Park was scheduled to give a presentation at a medical conference in the Philadelphia Convention Center.
Dr. Park and Dr. Byun came to stay with us for a week. I gave Dr. Byun a tour in Philadelphia while Dr. Park was in conference. While we were together, I heard various stories about the Magic stones and how the Magic water has been helping the sick.
One of the stories Dr. Byun told me is that he came to America to meet a military person in the Pentagon to introduce the Magic water system. He was supposed to meet him in Pentagon on September 11, 2001 in Washington D.C. But since Dr. Byun likes playing golf, he postponed to meet him in Washington D.C. the next day, September 12th. As we all know what happened On September 11, 2001! The person whom Dr. Byun was going to meet in Pentagon was killed on 9/11.
Dr. Park and Dr. Byun met my daughter, Suzanne M. Hill, who is a licensed acupuncturist in New York. Suzanne was interested in a Magic water system and started using the magic stones for drinking water in her office.
In October 2009, I went to Korea and stopped in Pusan to meet with Dr. Park and Dr. Byun. Dr. Park gave me a tour of Pusan National University and showed me the medical research room where there were more than 30 cadavers that were treated with Magic water. There was no smell what so ever.
Dr. Byun took me to a public bath house, Hea Soo Tang, where Magic water system was installed for the whole bath house. After international travelling, people come to take bathe there and find that they have less jet lag. They also bring large containers to fill with drinking water to bring to their homes.
I also met an elderly man in Pusan who runs a restaurant with herbal vegetables. He told me that he just had a colon operation to remove a cancer and after drinking magic water he regained his health. He asked me whether I could find an investor from America to build a factory for magic water for he would like to donate to Dr. Byun the land he owns.
When I came home, I installed a Magic water system in my house in spring 2010 and started using Magic water ever since. I prepared a gallon of magic water for my husband to drink who was commuting to New York city every day. Last year his doctor told him that he could no longer feel his thyroid nodule.
I usually have my annual physical exam in May. As usual, I went to see my physician and had a blood test in May 2012. According to the result, my hemoglobin count was 7.8 and doctors said that somehow I was losing blood. I went to have my cat scan and they found that I had a tumor outside of my stomach (GIS). They took out the tumor and fortunately it was benign. I do not know whether the magic water I have been drinking two years helped or not.
In May 2013, I went to Jeonju, Korea to see my brother who was 92 years old at that time and lives with his wife of 83. My brother was very sick and he lost most of his weight and his wife thought that he may not live very long. I called Dr. Byun in Pusan, Korea and ordered a magic water system and they immediately installed a Magic water system in my brother’s house.
When I returned to Jeonju in the spring of 2014, my brother was far healthier and he was eating everything and not worrying about his diabetes. Previously each time I visited my brother’s house, I cleaned up the bath rooms first. I noticed this time that there was no odor that I usually smelled in my brother’s house.
Back in Germany, my cousin, the older sister of Dr. Cheon, was diagnosed with a breast cancer. She had been drinking the Magic water and her tumor had stopped growing. She had an operation anyway but she did not go through any Chemo therapy. She was working in her garden the same day she came out of the hospital. She believes that the Magic water has helped her without any doubt.
Dr. Byun does not market the product actively. He has been selling or donating water systems to nursing homes and orphanages in Mexico, the Philippines, Brazil and Guatemala through Maria Catholic Church organizations. Jacaranda Farm Agricultural Center in Zambia currently uses the Magic water system for plants and livestock. The Magic water systems eliminate odor and the toxins commonly found in untreated water. Soaking vegetables and fruit in the Magic water for five minutes can eliminate pesticides. Many household pets, after drinking Magic water, did not wish to drink other water.
The Magic stone water has been helping many patients with diseases and injuries. Seven pancreatic cancer patients who thought that their life was over are still going strong. One of those patients is asking money for living from Dr. Byun since he did not keep any money, knowing that he would die. Many cancer patients have benefited from drinking the magic water while undergoing chemotherapy. They say they are less nauseated when they drink the magic water after radiation treatments. (Please see SY-1000 Magic Water Application Cases)
The Magic water system was installed at Heavenly Hospital, Ilsan Kyunggido, Korea. In order to accommodate the increasing number of patients, the hospital had to add another building. People after international travel, have come to rely on the Magic water at Hae Soo Tang in Pusan, a public bath, to relieve jet lag.
Given a proven record of success, Dr. Byun wants to introduce the Magic stones and water systems internationally. He believes that the time has come to eliminate bottled water and its plastic bottle pollution around the world. Dr. Byun believes that some bottled water is dead water without minerals and bio-active living ingredients.
The Magic water also helps to purify the environment: for example, if there are 100 households in a community and 10 households out of 100 use the magic water systems, the used Magic water from 10 households can clean the used water from the other 90 households.
Dr. Park saw me when I was peeing apple skin to avoid eating the pesticides. He told me that I can soak apples and any vegetables in the Magic water five minutes or longer to get rid of pesticides.
The water systems are being used extensively in various industries such as hospitals, public baths, nursing homes, orphanages, farms, nurseries, paper mills, cosmetic manufacturing, laundries and cleaning industries, and restaurants.
The product name is SY-1000 with initials of the inventor’s name and a number 1000. The name means that the material used for Magic Water system has more than 1000 product applications.
Dr. Byun has a vision that the Magic water system can further clean the environment by using of Magic stone exhaust pipes for all moving vehicles. This can eliminate carbon monoxide pollution throughout the world.