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A Pacreatic Cancer Patient

My husband and I met a lady at Dr. Byun’s office in Busan in May, 2016. She was recovering from pancreatic cancer, and had been diagnosed four years ago. At that time, her doctor said that she could expect to live for about six more months (see the picture below).

This patient has been drinking magic water and has also received approximately 130 radiation treatments over the last four years. While receiving radiation treatment, she did not experience hair loss or severe pain. She also believes she became younger from drinking the water.


Note: The second lady on the left near the window is the patient.

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Products of SY-1000 Magic Water System

Dr. Byun has developed a series of products listed below. The product name, SY-1000 was create with two initials of the inventor’s name and the number 1000, meaning that the material used for Magic water system has more than 1000 fields of product applications.

Household and Business applications

Through the first three stage-purification process, the system eliminates impurities, unpleasant taste, and harmful chemicals. Through the fourth, the last stage process, the SY-1000. Cartridge strengthens the effect of bio-action.
Hourly purification capability provides abundant water for drinking, cooking, bath, shower, laundry, garden, and all other usages in home and business locations. The quality and quantity of the water supply is guaranteed through the system once installed.

Agricultural, Marine and Livestock Applications

For horticulture, floriculture, this water controller is easily installed and operated almost permanently. It helps vegetables, plants, and trees grow healthily by increasing immunity from various diseases.
Industries like Paper Mill, Cosmetic Manufacturing companies, Bath houses, Hospitals and many other industries use for their manufacturing and clean environment.

For livestock, the water system helps animals grow healthy without antibiotics and increase milk production. The water system also reduces somatic cells, resulting in high quality meat. In addition, it increases immunity for the livestock against diseases like diarrhea.

Other Product Items:

1. Magic Stone (SY-1000)

A ceramic composed of rock, earth, and selenite that produces a ceramic like structure.

Two Magic Stones are soaked for eight hours in a gallon of water before drinking.

Ceramic or glass containers are recommenced. Metal containers are not recommended.

2. Magic Chips

Sun Pi health chip is made by condensing SY energy into chips in the shape of button. Chips are be attached to a painful area of the body to effectively relieve pain.

3. Magic Spray
This spray helps healing the injured area.

4. Magic Soap

This is a high grade of soap which eliminates toxins and make-up residue, thereby leaving the skin healthy and beautiful.

5. Magic Skin Care

This skin lotion helps damaged skin caused by stress and exposure to air and water pollutants.

6. Magic Tear Drops

This tear drop application helps dry eyes and prevents the development of eye diseases

7. Magic Stickers

This is an injured skin healer when it is attached on the painful area

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SY-1000 Magic Water Application Cases

1. Professor Kim, Do Soo
• Had a kidney ailment
• Received the artificial dialysis twice a week
• has been using the system water plus stone water last five years
• He himself is a doctor and he knows that he is well.

2. Maria Sisters’ House
• One sister was ill and could not find any cure
• Overdose, bleeding, aborted the baby, in dangerous condition
• Washed, bathed, massaged with magic water as well as drinking
Magic water
• Bleeding stopped in one week and cured in one month

3. Kim, Myoung Sook
• 54 years old, complained dizziness for 2-3 years
• Attended Seoul National University Hospital, MRI and many other
• Dr. Park diagnosed a problem with her cerebellum
• First , drank 800cc SY-1000 Stone water, 30 minutes later, she
could walk
• Continued drinking SY-1000 water and magic stone water
• Four days later, she returned to normal condition

4. Priest, Kim Nam Soo
• He was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 80;six months
to live
• Did not go through any Chemotherapy, medication, or radiation
• Used SY-1000 and Magic stone water
• It has been four years and he is healthy now

5. Priest, Park Byung Do
• Lived in France until he was 70 years old
• Diagnosed with somach cancer and returned to Korea
• Used SY-1000 water and Magic Stone water
• It has been seven years and he drives 6000 km a month

6. Lee Ki Sung (66 years old)
• Diagnosed with a prostate cancer
• Used SY-1000 and Magic stone water
• Dignosed that he was cured two years later but the cancer
returned after three months
• Continued SY-1000 water and Magic stone water and lives in near
Mountain Jiri

7. The chairman of Wha Sung Group
• Diagnosed with cancer
• Used a Magic water (550#cc) bottle a day
• While getting chemotherapy, no loss of hair, no nauseating
• Maintain his health today

8. Kim Chul Won, an elementary school teacher
• In his 50s, had have a hives
• Had has medication for a long time
• Used SY-1000 and Magic stone water
• In 20 days, itchiness disappeared and he improved

9. Park Shi Hun, a brother of Dr. Park
• Diagnosed with prostate cancer, 3rd stage
• Did not have an operation
• Used SY-1000 water and Magic stone water
• Was cured two years later and today after four years is healthy

10. Suk Jung Wha
• In her 60s, diagnosed with stomach cancer
• Used SY-1000 water and Magic Stone water
• One year later, she is cancer free

11. Lee Jae Ryun
• Last stage of lung cancer, could not drink or eat anything
• Sipped magic water little by little
• Seven days later, she became better and started drinking and

12. A swimming teacher
• Had inflammation in middle of his ear, 1/6/2014
• Attended hospital for one year and no cure
• Used magic spray and SY-1000 water
• Five days later, both ears became fine
• He is very well satisfied

13. Kim Hae Sook
• Works at the Marinol Hospital in Pusan
• After drinking Magic water for 4 years, she cannot drink any
other water
• Her whole family drinks magic water and she recommend others to
drink magic water
• Her cat drinks only magic water and her gold fish did not die
after giving them magic water

14. Leprosy patients (60) at the Nazareth Village in Eu Wang Shi
• They use SY-1000 water system and magic stone water
• They were losing their sight and after using magic water their
eyes improved
• They used to take pain relief medication but now they do not.
• The bad smell has been eliminated
• Many other good conditions have occurred

15. Daughter-in-law of Dr. Park
• She is pregnant and suffered from morning sickness
• After drinking magic water, her morning sickness disappeared

16. Jung Chul Yong, The president of City Hospital of Pusan
• Suffered from intestinal occlusion in March, 2014
• Used warm magic water
• Diarrhea disappeared
• Magic Water cleared the situation

17. A Singer’s Voice
• Could not sing well with overuse of his voice April, 2014
• After drinking Magic water his voice became clear and sings well

18. The Wife of Professor Kim Dong Soo
• She gave her friend a set of Magic stones
• One the way to Australia, she collapsed in the airplane
• They used stones and she became better a few minutes later

19. Cooked rice
• During Summer time cooked rice spoiles easily
• Cooked rice with magic water lasts three days in summer

20. Other cures:
• Hear Disease
• Pancreatic cancer
• Hammer toe straightened
• Degenerated arthritis
• Slaughterhouse smell eliminated
• Diabetes, takes a long time but gets better
• Broken bones heal quickly with SY-1000 water
• Gout
• Putting a pink chip in the ear to get rid of headache
• Restaurant food taste better cooked with Magic water
• Gets rid of cockroaches
• Burger diseases
• High blood pressure

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Comparison in NMR

Comparison of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy of SY-1000 Water to different types of water in the environment

Type of Water                      Hz

SY-1000 Water                    53-66
Water from Town               70-95
Natural Spring Water         85-145
Rain Water                          105-140
Tap Water                            85-160
Well Water                          90-140
Mineral Water                     85-130
Spa Water                            65-115
Alkali Ionized                       65-75

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, most commonly known as NMR spectroscopy, is a research technique that exploits the magnetic properties of certain atomic nuclei. It determines the physical and chemical properties of atoms or the molecules in which they are contained. It relies on the phenomenon of nuclear magnetic resonance and can provide detailed information about the structure, dynamics, reaction state, and chemical environment of molecules. The intramolecular magnetic field around an atom in a molecule changes the resonance frequency, thus giving access to details of the electronic structure of a molecule.

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Magic (Stone) Water

In a world full of greed, there are only so many people who are truthfully trying to cure those in need.  Dr. Byun’s goal is to use magic water to help people in need. Not for commercial purposes or any sort of fame, Dr. Byun solely has a genuine love for the world and a passion to fix the contamination we have today.

Magic water can be used to to improve your health in many different ways.  Drinking magic water has been proven to help in cases as simple as jet lag to issues as complicated and serious as cancer.  Topically, it cures skin conditions from acne to eczema and medical schools use magic water rather than formaldehyde in order to reduce contamination.  Korean bath houses use magic water in their spa systems because mold cannot grow with magic water and it eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.  In addition, due to the amount of pesticides used these days, soaking fruits and vegetables in magic water for five to ten minutes eliminates pesticides from the skin of the fruit.  In the future, magic water stones can be used in swimming pools which will eradicate the need for chlorine. Dr. Byun also hopes that the stones can be used in exhaust pipes in all moving vehicles to reduce and hopefully annihilate carbon monoxide pollution around the world.

Magic water is an excellent way to begin the process of healing throughout the world, and will hopefully be praised in the future by alternative medicine.  Magic water can help so many people in so many ways, and it all began with Dr. Byun’s vision to truly change the world in a positive way.