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SY-1000 Magic Water Application Cases

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1. Professor Kim, Do Soo
• Had a kidney ailment
• Received the artificial dialysis twice a week
• has been using the system water plus stone water last five years
• He himself is a doctor and he knows that he is well.

2. Maria Sisters’ House
• One sister was ill and could not find any cure
• Overdose, bleeding, aborted the baby, in dangerous condition
• Washed, bathed, massaged with magic water as well as drinking
Magic water
• Bleeding stopped in one week and cured in one month

3. Kim, Myoung Sook
• 54 years old, complained dizziness for 2-3 years
• Attended Seoul National University Hospital, MRI and many other
• Dr. Park diagnosed a problem with her cerebellum
• First , drank 800cc SY-1000 Stone water, 30 minutes later, she
could walk
• Continued drinking SY-1000 water and magic stone water
• Four days later, she returned to normal condition

4. Priest, Kim Nam Soo
• He was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 80;six months
to live
• Did not go through any Chemotherapy, medication, or radiation
• Used SY-1000 and Magic stone water
• It has been four years and he is healthy now

5. Priest, Park Byung Do
• Lived in France until he was 70 years old
• Diagnosed with somach cancer and returned to Korea
• Used SY-1000 water and Magic Stone water
• It has been seven years and he drives 6000 km a month

6. Lee Ki Sung (66 years old)
• Diagnosed with a prostate cancer
• Used SY-1000 and Magic stone water
• Dignosed that he was cured two years later but the cancer
returned after three months
• Continued SY-1000 water and Magic stone water and lives in near
Mountain Jiri

7. The chairman of Wha Sung Group
• Diagnosed with cancer
• Used a Magic water (550#cc) bottle a day
• While getting chemotherapy, no loss of hair, no nauseating
• Maintain his health today

8. Kim Chul Won, an elementary school teacher
• In his 50s, had have a hives
• Had has medication for a long time
• Used SY-1000 and Magic stone water
• In 20 days, itchiness disappeared and he improved

9. Park Shi Hun, a brother of Dr. Park
• Diagnosed with prostate cancer, 3rd stage
• Did not have an operation
• Used SY-1000 water and Magic stone water
• Was cured two years later and today after four years is healthy

10. Suk Jung Wha
• In her 60s, diagnosed with stomach cancer
• Used SY-1000 water and Magic Stone water
• One year later, she is cancer free

11. Lee Jae Ryun
• Last stage of lung cancer, could not drink or eat anything
• Sipped magic water little by little
• Seven days later, she became better and started drinking and

12. A swimming teacher
• Had inflammation in middle of his ear, 1/6/2014
• Attended hospital for one year and no cure
• Used magic spray and SY-1000 water
• Five days later, both ears became fine
• He is very well satisfied

13. Kim Hae Sook
• Works at the Marinol Hospital in Pusan
• After drinking Magic water for 4 years, she cannot drink any
other water
• Her whole family drinks magic water and she recommend others to
drink magic water
• Her cat drinks only magic water and her gold fish did not die
after giving them magic water

14. Leprosy patients (60) at the Nazareth Village in Eu Wang Shi
• They use SY-1000 water system and magic stone water
• They were losing their sight and after using magic water their
eyes improved
• They used to take pain relief medication but now they do not.
• The bad smell has been eliminated
• Many other good conditions have occurred

15. Daughter-in-law of Dr. Park
• She is pregnant and suffered from morning sickness
• After drinking magic water, her morning sickness disappeared

16. Jung Chul Yong, The president of City Hospital of Pusan
• Suffered from intestinal occlusion in March, 2014
• Used warm magic water
• Diarrhea disappeared
• Magic Water cleared the situation

17. A Singer’s Voice
• Could not sing well with overuse of his voice April, 2014
• After drinking Magic water his voice became clear and sings well

18. The Wife of Professor Kim Dong Soo
• She gave her friend a set of Magic stones
• One the way to Australia, she collapsed in the airplane
• They used stones and she became better a few minutes later

19. Cooked rice
• During Summer time cooked rice spoiles easily
• Cooked rice with magic water lasts three days in summer

20. Other cures:
• Hear Disease
• Pancreatic cancer
• Hammer toe straightened
• Degenerated arthritis
• Slaughterhouse smell eliminated
• Diabetes, takes a long time but gets better
• Broken bones heal quickly with SY-1000 water
• Gout
• Putting a pink chip in the ear to get rid of headache
• Restaurant food taste better cooked with Magic water
• Gets rid of cockroaches
• Burger diseases
• High blood pressure

Author: chungsoo

Marian Hill is a retired Telecommunications Executive. She now devotes her time to reading and painting. She travels extensively throughout the world.

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