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Products of SY-1000 Magic Water System

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Dr. Byun has developed a series of products listed below. The product name, SY-1000 was create with two initials of the inventor’s name and the number 1000, meaning that the material used for Magic water system has more than 1000 fields of product applications.

Household and Business applications

Through the first three stage-purification process, the system eliminates impurities, unpleasant taste, and harmful chemicals. Through the fourth, the last stage process, the SY-1000. Cartridge strengthens the effect of bio-action.
Hourly purification capability provides abundant water for drinking, cooking, bath, shower, laundry, garden, and all other usages in home and business locations. The quality and quantity of the water supply is guaranteed through the system once installed.

Agricultural, Marine and Livestock Applications

For horticulture, floriculture, this water controller is easily installed and operated almost permanently. It helps vegetables, plants, and trees grow healthily by increasing immunity from various diseases.
Industries like Paper Mill, Cosmetic Manufacturing companies, Bath houses, Hospitals and many other industries use for their manufacturing and clean environment.

For livestock, the water system helps animals grow healthy without antibiotics and increase milk production. The water system also reduces somatic cells, resulting in high quality meat. In addition, it increases immunity for the livestock against diseases like diarrhea.

Other Product Items:

1. Magic Stone (SY-1000)

A ceramic composed of rock, earth, and selenite that produces a ceramic like structure.

Two Magic Stones are soaked for eight hours in a gallon of water before drinking.

Ceramic or glass containers are recommenced. Metal containers are not recommended.

2. Magic Chips

Sun Pi health chip is made by condensing SY energy into chips in the shape of button. Chips are be attached to a painful area of the body to effectively relieve pain.

3. Magic Spray
This spray helps healing the injured area.

4. Magic Soap

This is a high grade of soap which eliminates toxins and make-up residue, thereby leaving the skin healthy and beautiful.

5. Magic Skin Care

This skin lotion helps damaged skin caused by stress and exposure to air and water pollutants.

6. Magic Tear Drops

This tear drop application helps dry eyes and prevents the development of eye diseases

7. Magic Stickers

This is an injured skin healer when it is attached on the painful area

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